Parallel sessions

Final programme may be subject to change.


Thursday 16 June 2016, 13.30 – 15.00

A. Clinical Skills Track 1: Masterclass – Psychopharmacology (13.30 -17.00)

Chairs: Ursula Werneke, Anders Berntsson

Authors Title
David Taylor Long-term antipsychotic polypharmacy – how does it start, why does it continue?
Carmine Pariante Antidepressants in pregnancy – understanding the benefits and managing the risks
Coffee Break
David Taylor Treating bipolar depression effectively – and keeping mania at bay
David Taylor Prescribing psychotropics for people with renal or hepatic impairment
All Bring your case


B. Research Skills Skills Track 1: CARUS Masterclass – Gender aspects in health and disease (13.30 – 17.00)

Chair: Christina Orth-Gomér

Authors Title
Kristina Orth-Gomér Introduction to research on women´s health.
Specific discussion on concepts and methods: 
• The meaning of and distinction between sex and gender… 
• The significance of gender aspects for women´s health
• Experiences from the Stockholm studies of Women´s Health
Sarah Wamala (TBC) Epidemiology and risk factor profile in women´s health 
Stress and social health characteristics in relation to medical indicators of poor health and prognosis
May Bloom Prevention of disease and illness 
Psychosocial interventions, principles, methodology, experiences and conclusions 
• From empirical studies, including the Stockholm studies of women´s health and 
• Other randomized controlled clinical trials 
Presentation and discussion of participants´/students´ own projects
Hans-Christian Deter Integrating gender issues with broad conference themes.


C. Research skills track 2: EAPM masterclass – How to succeed in clinical research

Michael Sharpe (30 PERS)


D. Psycho-cardiology

Chairs: Christoph Herrmann-Lingen , Margarita Beresnavaite

Authors Title
MM Müller, W Söllner, R Weber, C Albus, R Behnisch, M Beutel et al. Attachment styles and Depression in CAD patients: Results from an observer-blinded, multicenter, randomized trial using a Stepwise Psychotherapy Intervention for Reducing Risk in Coronary Artery Disease (SPIRR-CAD)
F Vitinius, S Escherich, H-C Deter, M Hellmich, J Jünger, K Petrowski et al. Sociodemographic and somatic predictors of psychotherapy outcome among depressed patients with coronary artery disease – A secondary analysis of the SPIRR-CAD dataset
L Trick, E Watkins, C Dickens The role of perseverative negative thinking in predicting depression in people with coronary heart disease: Preliminary findings of a prospective cohort study
M Beresnevaite, R Benetis, S Kinduris, A Stankus, E Sirvinskas Psychological risk factors are related to sympathetic activity according to the heart rate variability parameters during mental stress, orthostatic test and at rest in post-cardiac surgery patients


E. Psychooncology: coping with anxiety and depression

Chairs: Josef Jenewein, Martin Teufel

Authors Title
M. Wanat, J. Walker, K. Burk, J. Fielding, T. Grew, M. Sharpe ”My life is a runaway train”: Problems described by patients with lung cancer and depression
AC Furmaniak, M Menig, MH Markes Effect of exercise on fatigue and depression in women undergoing adjuvant treatment for breast cancer: a meta-analysis
M Ruggeri, C Tecchio, C Bonetto, M Bertani, D Cristofalo, A Lasalvia et al. Predictors of anxiety and depression in hematopoietic stem cell transplant patients during protective isolation
M Teufel, N Schaeffeler, J Ringwald, S Brucker, S Zipfel Determining the need for support: Screening instruments in combination with patients’ subjective evaluation define pathways in psycho-oncology


F. Psychosomatic approach in gastroenterology

Chairs Dan L Dumitrascu and Mladenka Tkalcic

Authors Title
M Tkalcic, S Pletikosi, G Hauser The role of stress in IBS symptom severity
MF Stanculete, DL Dumitrascu Psychiatric comorbidities in IBS patients
S Pletikosic, M Tkalcic, G Hauser The role of daily mood in the stress-symptom relationship in IBS patients
DL Dumitrascu, B Macavei A Baban CBT for the nonalcoholic fatty liver. A systematic review


G. Child and adolescent psychiatry

Chairs: Charlotte Rask / Petra Lindfors

Authors Title
P Lindfors, L Folkesson Hellstadius, V Östberg Perceived stress, recurrent pain and salivary cortisol in mid-adolescent girls and boys
A Villadsen, M V. Thorgaard, K A Hybel, J Søndergaard Jensen, P H Thomsen, CU Rask Health Anxiety Symptoms in Children and Adolescents Diagnosed with OCD
S Tosato S, L Bocchio-Chiavetto L, S Tomassi, C Bonetto, C Faravelli, A Lasalvia A et al. Early psychosis: the effect of traumatic experiences on diagnosis, lifetime drug misuse, inflammatory biomarkers. Data from the GET UP Trial in a 10 million inhabitant catchment area.
K Hansen Kallesøe, IJ Bonvanie, A Schröder, K.A.M Janssens, JGM Rosmalen, CU Rask The effectiveness of psychological treatment for children and adolescents with functional somatic symptoms: A systematic review


H. E-learning and teaching psychosomatic and behavioral medicine

Chairs: Marta Novak/Anne Bermann

Authors Title
AH Berman, AA Kononowic, N Stathakaro, N Zary Virtual Patients in a Behavioral Medicine MOOC: Interactive training in the health sciences on a massive scale
E Guthrie Advanced Training in Liaison Psychiatry
M Novak Discussant
HC Deter Discussant


I. Relationship centered care across the lifespan: the role of the medical psychiatrist

Chairs: Steven Frankel, Marta Novak

Authors Title
D Greenberg Approach to the patient with cancer: integrating medical/psychological aspects
S Frankel The Value of Extended Consultation for End of Life Cases
M Novak Opportunities and challenges for relationship-centered care in nephrology
G Rodin Discussant


Thursday 16 June 2016, 15.30 – 17.00

A. Clinical Skills Track 1: Masterclass – Psychopharmacology (continued)


B. Research Skills Skills Track 1: CARUS Masterclass – Gender aspects in health and disease (continued)


C. Functional symptoms and bodily distress

Chairs: Carsten Leue, Michael Sharpe

Authors Title
CA Brünahl, C Dybowski, R Albrecht, S Gregorzik, B Löwe Psychiatric comorbidity in patients with chronic pelvic pain syndrome (CPPS)
KAM Janssens, JH Houtveen, LM Tak, IJ Bonvanie, A Scholtalbers, A van Gils et al. Encompassing overview of perpetuating factors of functional somatic symptoms
HF Pedersen, L Frostholm, L Fjordback, E Rehfeldt, P Fink, A Schröder Patient-tailored modular treatment for patients with multi-organ bodily distress syndrome: Preliminary results from a pilot study
B Löwe, K Lau, A Daubmann, M Härter, K Wegscheider, H-H König et al. Effectiveness of a health care network for somatoform disorders versus care as usual: Nonrandomised controlled trial


D. Neuroendocrinology

Chairs: Gerhard Schüssler, U Ehlert

Authors Title
U Ehlert, A Walther Does mood and perceived stress influence the age-related sex steroid decline in healthy men 40+?
C Herrmann-Lingen, ME Beutel, L Binder, H-C Deter, K-H Ladwig, J Ronel et al. Low N-Terminal pro-B-type Natriuretic Peptide (NT-proBNP) longitudinally predicts elevated anxiety in depressed patients with coronary artery disease
K-H Ladwig, M Bidlingmeier, W Koenig, B Thorand, A Peters, H Johar Chronic stress exposure in the elderly compromises the non-inflammatory properties of glucocorticoids.
P Lindfors Psychosocial stress, health and cortisol in working women living in high and low status neighbourhoods in Sweden


E. Chronic fatigue syndrome: an update on mechanisms and implications for treatment

Chair: Simon Wessely

Authors Title
Megan Roerink Is postural orthostatic tachycardia a useful diagnostic marker in chronic fatigue syndrome patients?
S Fischer, J Strahler, C Markert, MB Kappert, U Nater Psychoendocrine alterations in individuals with chronic fatigue syndrome
R Strawbridge, M-L Sartor, AH Young, AJ Cleare Is chronic fatigue syndrome an inflammatory disorder?
S Kempke Personality and chronic fatigue syndrome: a biopsychosocial perspective


F. The Increasing Scope of Group Psychotherapy for Complex Patients

Chair: Ken Schwartz

Authors Title
K Schwartz Psychotherapeutic Groups for Elderly Patients with Multiple Co-Morbidities
M Novak Psychotherapy with patients with chronic kidney disease and diabetes: focus on group psychotherapy
A Golas, K Schwartz Being ‘the New Kid on the Block” – Reflections of a new co-therapist joining a well established Geriatric Coping Group
A Golas, T Rajji Creation of a psychosocial interventions clinic for elderly patients with schizophrenia


G. Communication skills-training for healthcare professionals

Chairs: Frank Vitinius, Hedda Lausberg

Authors Title
W Langewitz, S Hunziker Psychosomatic Medicine and Patient-Centred Communication – a necessary combination
M Keller Evaluating the efficacy of patient-centered communication – plenty of unresolved issues and the need for future perspectives
W Langewitz, J Fehr, D Nicca Development of a Train the Trainer Workshop – Conceptual issues regarding context and evaluation


H. Social environment, existential health and resilience

Chair: Göran Waller

Authors Title
G Waller, U Janlert, M Norberg, R Lundqvist, A Forssén Self-rated health and standard risk factors for myocardial infarction: a cohort study
M Waller-Lidström, U Janlert, R Lundqvist, A Forssén, G Waller Time trends in comparative self-rated health in Northern Sweden 1990 – 2014
A Lilja, V DeMarinis, A Lehti, A Forssén Experiences and explanations of mental illness in an ethnic Swedish group of devout Christians in a secular healthcare context
V De Marinis, Ö Cetrez A Psychosocial-, somatic- and existential health study among Assyrian-Syrian refugees in Istanbul- understanding resilience in the midst of hardship


I. Clinical Complexity: providing consultation about complex cases in a variety of practice settings

Chairs: Steven Frankel, Joost Mertens

Authors Title
O S Christiansen Small is beautiful AND stressful
J Mertens To Stroke or not to stroke: misunderstandings in complex neuropsychiatric patients within a multidisciplinary meeting
F Geiser Counselling patients and relatives in Psychooncology in Germany: chances and barriers within the German health system
S Frankel When limited time allocated to the consultation process in complex end of life cases obstructs discovery and effective intervention


Friday 17 June 9.00 – 10.30

A. Clinical Skills Track 2b: Workshop – Assessing cognitive dysfunction in young and old. When Mini Mental State is not enough…

Chairs: Anna Beck, Mikael Sandlund (including lunch session)

Authors Title
Marjolein de Vugt Assessing cognitive function and dysfunction in the elderly.
Mille Moeller Thastum Assessing cognitive function and dysfunction in young people
Mille Moeller Thastum Recognizing and managing cognitive dysfunction in young people in everyday life – case presentations (lunch snack served)


B. Clinical Skills Track 2a: Workshop – Skating on thin ice – managing ethical dilemmas during acute psychiatric crisis (in Swedish)

Chair: Anders Berntsson

Authors Title
Hans Ericson ”Pars pro toto”- or when a state can be a trait
Per-Axel Karlsson How far may I go? When patients refuse care for physical health problems and blood tests


C. Research Skills Skills Track 3: CARUS Masterclass: Research on Psychological and palliative interventions with life-threatening and advanced disease: from empathy to evidence

Chair: Gary Rodin


D. Bodily Distress Disorder (BDS) or Somatic Symptom Disorder (SSD): The impact of the new diagnostic constructs

Chairs: Per Fink, Peter Henningsen

Authors Title
P Henningsen Living with DSM-5 Somatic Symptom Disorder
A Schröder, A Budtz-Lilly, M Trøllund Rask, P Fink, M Vestergaard, M Rosendal The bodily distress syndrome (BDS) concept in primary care and specialised settings
M Rosendal, A Helles Carlsen, P Fink, A Schröder, A Budtz-Lilly Incident cases of bodily distress syndrome – a cross-sectional study in primary care
P Fink, MT Rask, M Rosendal, E Ørnbøl Long-term outcome of Bodily Distress Syndrome (BDS) on sick leave, healthcare costs and work disability in primary care patients. A ten-year follow-up study


E. Transplant Psychiatry/Psychosomatics: Patient Assessment and Treatment

Chairs: Terry Schneekloth, Frank Vitinius

Authors Title
J Maldonado SIPAT Update: Assessment of the Performance of the Stanford Integrated Psychosocial Assessment for Transplantation during the Post-Transplant Period.
M Ehlers, F Vitinius, C Kurschat, M Langenbach Altruistic kidney donations – International perspectives on motives and attitudes: a systematic review
BS Bürker Is there any need for cognitive assessment in transplant psychiatry?
T Schneekloth Liver transplantation for acute alcoholic hepatis and patients with brief abstinence


F. Psycho-oncology: state of the art

Chairs: Josef Jenewein, Monika Keller

Authors Title
A Berney Undergraduate Communication Skills Training in breaking bad news: individual supervision is beneficial
M Keller, J Jenewein Adequate recognition and management of psychiatric side-effects of cancer treatment – a challenge to CL-Psychiatry
J Walker, M Sharpe Collaborative care approaches in varying Oncology/Palliative care settings
J Jenewein Pharmacologic Approaches in Psychooncology


G. IBD and IBS for psychiatrists: bridging the GAP between first and second brain

Chairs: Ilaria Tarricone, Nasim Chaudhry

Authors Title
JBC Mertens Hypnosis: mending the gap between mind and gut
I Tarricone, F Rizello, G Poggioli, G Boncompagni, P Campieri Expressed Emotions, depression and IBD: form a case study to the Bologna IBD psychosomatic project
N Husain, T Kiran, A Bux, N Gire, F Batool, SK Niaz Exploratory randomised controlled trial of a culturally adapted psychological intervention for the Management of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) in a low-income country
L Bonfrate, P Portincasa, DL Dumitrascu Comparative study of somatization in irritable bowel syndrome in Bari, Italy and Cluj-Napoca, Romania


H. Pain, stress and mindfulness

Chairs: Lucia Tomas Aragones, Maria Nordin

Authors Title
K De Santi, D Cappellari, D Cristofalo, F Ballette, M Ruggeri The DECO-TRE Project: An integrated model of an intervention for treating depression in comorbidity with phyiscal illness in the general hospital
G Gard Outcomes of Body Awareness Therapies used in pain rehabilitation – A literature review
ME Papp, PE Wändell, P Lindfors Effects of yogic exercises on physical capacity and health in patients with obstructive pulmonary disease
C Pieh Christoph, G Liegl, M Boeckle, A Leitner, P Geisler, M Schrimpf Sleep deprivation influences pain perception


I. Making matters worse. Risk factors for mental ill health

Chairs: James Rundell, Wolfgang Söllner

Authors Title
M E. Beutel, C Jünger, E Klein, PS Wild, KJ Lackner, M Blettner et al. Noise annoyance is associated with depression and anxiety in the general population- the contribution of aircraft noise
JR Rundell Factors associated with no-shows in a homeless USA veteran integrated care clinic
ME Beutel, C Jünger, EM Klein, PS Wild, KJ Lackner, M Blettner Mental health and suicidal ideation among 1st and 2nd generation migrants – Results from the Gutenberg Health Study
G Airagnes, C Lemogne, F Limosin, M Zins Behavioral hostility and alcohol consumption


J. Physical health problems accociated with severe mental illness

Chairs: Ulrik Malt, Sitaram Velaga

Authors Title
H Aiff, P-O Attman, B Ramsauer, S Schön, J Svedlund Somatic comorbidity increases the risk for renal failure during prophylactic lithium treatment
A Lasalvia, E Saugo, C Bonetto, D Cristofalo, M Ruggeri Diet and metabolic problems in patients in the early stages of psychosis: the need to improve targeted interventions.
FD Alosaimi, M Abalhasan, A Alhabbad, E Falatah, Nasser Alzain, MAsiri et al. Prevalence of Metabolic Syndrome and its Components in Psychiatric Patients with Different Psychiatric Diagnoses in Saudi Arabia
A Weigel, D Kästner, B Löwe, A Gumz Identifying ways to improve early treatment in anorexia nervosa


Friday 17 June 13.30 – 15.00

A. Clinical Skills Track 4a: Masterclass – Functional disorders

Per Fink, Lene Hardt Sanchez-Toscano


B. Clinical Skills Track 4b: Workshop – Finger on the pulse – ECG monitoring in mental health problems

Ellinor Bergdahl, Michael Ott


C. Physical symptom disorders / MUS: a roadmap for future research into primary care interventions

Chairs: Chris Burton, Tim Olde Hartman

Authors Title
M Rosendal The classification of MUS from a primary care perspective
C Burton, S Chowdhury Outcome measures for intervention trials in somatic symptom disorders
M Wortman, TC olde Hartman, P Lucassen, WJJ Assendelft Lessons from a randomised pilot trial of a new intervention for MUS in primary care
A Aamland, A Fosse, E. Ree, E Abildsnes, K Malterud General practitioners successful strategies in managing patients with medically unexplained symptoms (MUS). A focus-group study


D. Transplant Psychiatry Updates

Chairs: Frank Vitinius, Paula Zimbrean

Authors Title
SK Niazi, AR Vasquez, TD Schneekloth, B Taner, APKeaven, S Davis, M Picco et al. Impact of psychosocial comorbidities on outcomes in elderly liver transplant recipients.
K Coffman Psychological Aspects of Vascular Composite Allografts
P Zimbrean, P Desan Transplant Psychiatry Curriculum- A Model for Integrating Outpatient Consultation Into Psychosomatic Medicine Teaching
M Novak, A Waterman, I Mucsi Adapting the “Explore Transplant” (ET) education program for use in Ontario and training healthcare professionals to increase patient knowledge and facilitate informed decision making about kidney transplantation


E. Chronic fatigue syndrome

Chairs: Bernd Löwe, Peter White

Authors Title
ML Joustra, I Minovic, KAM Janssens, SJL Bakker, JGM Rosmalen Vitamin and mineral status in chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia syndrome: a systematic review and meta-analysis
TE Williams, L Pangiotopoulou, T Chalder, M Sharpe, PD White Is chronic fatigue syndrome heterogeneous? A review of the literature and new study of the lumping versus splitting debate for functional somatic syndromes
LV Clark, P McCrone, D Ridge, A Cheshire, M Vergara-Williamson, F Pesola, et al. Graded Exercise Therapy guided Self-hElp Treatment (GETSET) for patients with chronic fatigue syndrome: a randomised controlled trial in secondary care
Anna Cheshire, D Ridge, L Clark, P White Why patients with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Myalgic Encephalomyelitis improve or deteriorate with graded exercise therapy


F. Cultural and gender aspects in psychosomatic medicine

Chairs: James Levenson, Ursula Werneke

Authors Title
FD Alosaimi, ME Bukhari, MH Altuwirqi, ZM Abotalib, SA Binsaleh The Psychosocial Correlates of Infertility in Saudi Arabia
A Forssen Lifelong psychological consequences of disempowering treatment in prenatal and maternity care: interviews with elderly Swedish women
H Lausberg, I Helmich, U Sassenberg, K Petermann Gender-Specific Implicit Emotional Processing in Alexithymic Individuals
AS Zaara Providing Mental Health Services to Middle Eastern Immigrants and refugees: Challenges and opportunities


G. Communication skills training for health professionals

Chairs: Robert Maunder, Wolf Langewitz

Authors Title
K Nauta Improving multidisciplinary collaboration between medical professionals: Complex Situation Training (CST)
F Baessler, A Moeltner, C Weiss, J Jünger Good communicators and their failure in interprofessional communication
E Gaitzsch, F Bäßler, M Gornostayeva, A Möltner, J Jünger The role of the psychosocial subjects in the overall assessment of medical students at the University of Heidelberg
G Schuessler, R Riedl Medical communication: function and outcome – a metaanalysis


H. APM-EAPM symposium: When the going gets tough – Managing ethical dilemmas in health care

Chair: Rebecca Brendel
Discussants: Monika Keller, Gerhard Schüssler


I. Quality of life, mental health and age

Chairs: Colin Shapiro, Frank Doyle

Authors Title
J Niklasson, C Hörnsten, M Conradsson, F Nyquist, B Olofsson, H Lövheim et al. High morale and survival
H Senra, K Balaskas, N Mahmoodi, T Aslam Patients Experiences of Receiving Anti-VEGF Treatments for Wet Age-Related Macular Degeneration and its Psychological Impact – a mixed-methods study
A Burns, JD Strawbridge, L Clancy, K Bennett, F Doyle Exploring smoking, mental health and smoking-related disease in older adults


Friday 17 June 15.30 – 17.00

A. Clinical Skills Track 4a: Masterclass – Functional disorders (continued)


B. Clinical Track 5: APM-EAPM Workshop Psychodynamic bedside teaching.

Kemuel Philbrick, Manfred Beutel, Barbara Stein, Wolfgang Söllner


C. Research Skill track 4: How to get your paper published – the editor’s point of view

Albert Leentjens


D. Integrated care models for somatic symptom disorder (SSD) and clinical characteristics for patients with SSD in a centre of excellence in specialty mental health care.

Chairs: Christina van der Feltz-Cornelis

Authors Title
L de Vroege, A Timmermans, E van der Thiel, A van Manen, WJ Kop, CM van der Feltz-Cornelis Neurocognitive functioning of patients with somatic symptom and related disorders and the role of co-morbid depression
J van Eck van der Sluijs, L de Vroege, A Manen, E der Thiel, A Timmermans, F Pouwer et al. Case complexity in outpatients in a centre of excellence for somatic symptom disorder – a cross-sectional study
J van Eck van der Sluijs, H Castelijns, Veijsbroek, CM van der Feltz Effectiveness of Collaborative care for patients with a combination of physical and psychiatric problems: a review and meta-analyses
EW de Heer, L de Wilde-Timmerman, J Dekker, ATF Beekman, HWJ van Marwijk, TJ Holwerda et al. Efficacy of Collaborative Care versus antidepressant treatment in chronic pain and major depression: a multi center proof of concept study


E. Psychological challenges in transplantation medicine

Chairs: Michael Ott, Paula Zimbrean

Authors Title
BS Bürker, S Andersson, E Gude, L Gullestad, I Grov, A Relbo et al. Does Mild Cognitive Impairment exist among heart transplant recipients?
J Altamirano, LL Ortega, H Lopez-Pelayo, J Michelena, JJ Caballeria, PD Jone et al. High-risk alcohol relapse scale is a good instrument for predict alcohol relapse after an episode of alcoholic hepatitis
TS Søyseth, M-B Lund; Ø Bjørtuft, V Søyseth, MA Dew; GK Haugstad et al. Psychiatric disorders and psychological distress in patients undergoing evaluation for lung transplantation
U Malt Discussant


F. Psycho-oncology

Chairs: Josef Jenewein, Ulrike Ehlert

Authors Title
E An, Y Leung, C Lo, S Hales, C Zimmermann, G Rodin Terror Management and Post-Traumatic Growth in Advanced Cancer
CL Degi, É Kállay, S Pintea An analysis of potential demographic and psychosocial moderators of the relationship between knowing the cancer diagnosis and depression
R Richter, A Jatzko, Ch Kunz, C Zehnder-Kiworr, S Dittrich, O Koch et al. Psychosomatic consultation service in a general hospital: Interdisciplinary management of the complex situation of a patient with metastatic gastric cancer and schizoaffective disorder


G. Depression in the context of physical ill-health

Chairs: Franziska Geiser, Lars Wahlström

Authors Title
E Bekhuis, RA Schoevers, CD van Borkulo, JGM Rosmalen, L Boschloo The network structure of depressive, anxiety, and somatic symptoms
J Walker, K Burke, M Wanat, R Fisher, J Fielding, S Puntis et al. How common is depression in general hospital inpatients? Findings from a worldwide systematic review.
L Varvari, D Podeal Depression in chronic hepatitis C sociodemographic predictors
H Idenfors, LMJ Strömsten, E Salander Renberg Are non-psychiatric hospitalisations before self-harm associated with increased risk of unnatural deaths among young people?


H. ISBM-EAPM Symposium: Stress and somatic symptoms from the behavioral medicine and the psychosomatic perspectives

Chair: Adrienne Stauder, Bernd Leplow

Authors Title
A Stauder, K Nistor, T Zakor, A Szabó, A Anikó, S Ádám, B Konkolÿ Thege Work related stress and subjective somatic symptoms in a population survey
M Nordin, R Bucher, N Lind, S Nordin Is there a bidirectional relationship between sleep and asthma and allergy in a general population?
B Leplow Are neurological symptoms learned?
O Popa Velea The impact of self-efficacy and optimism on the perception of symptoms and health-related quality of life in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
HC Deter, M Merswolken, C Weber, K Orth-Gomér Anxiety correlates with psychosocial and biological factors in a psycho social intervention with CAD patients


I. APM-EAPM symposium: When the going gets tough – Managing ethical dilemmas in health care (continued)


J. Topics in liaison psychiatry

Chairs: Jordi Blanch, Robert Maunder

Authors Title
B Löwe, A Lohse, V Andresen, E Vettorazzi, M Rose, W Broicher Psychosocial factors and the development of irritable bowel syndrome: a prospective cohort study
P La Cour Perceived injustice among chronic pain and somatic symptom-patients in Denmark
A Zaraa Consult Liaison Psychiatry in the Emergency department APF Ward
A Wand, R Wood, MD Macfarlane Evaluation of a common tool to compare the structure and outcomes of diverse consultation liaison services