EAPM 2016

EAPM 2016 signing off

Again, a big thanks to all our delegates, speakers and staff for making the EAPM 2016 such a memorable event. We are grateful to the over 400 delegates from 40 countries, who have made their way to Luleå – sometimes against all odds – to share their clinical and research expertise with us. We are proud of having had the… Read more →

EAPM 2017 Barcelona

EAPM 2016 is closed

Thank you all participants, delegates, speakers, partners, crew and service suppliers, for making the EAPM 2016 conference in Luleå such a success. Here is a quick visual recap of some of the activity during the conference. Some of you will still be in transit around the world and some have taken the opportunity to see more of Norrbotten and Sweden in general,… Read more →

Sofia Jannok and Norrbotten Big Band

Conference dinner dance party going on

The powerful concert with Sofia Jannok and Norrbotten Big Band stirred emotions before the conference dinner. After the midsummer themed dinner, complete with typical Swedish midsummer weather (rain and grey skies). The party continued with dancing thru the night, and the party is still going on. Sleeping is for later, and tomorrow (today) the conference will be complete. Read more →


We have lift off

After some agonizing days and sleepless nights with grounded aircraft, the conference is up and away. We are overwhelmed by stories of how you managed to get here, to make this meeting such a delight to host. Tomorrow our adventure continues. Thank you all. Read more →

Kulturens Hus

Welcome to Luleå and Kulturens Hus

The pre conference registration is open from 16.00 today in our main conference centre Kulturens Hus, which is easily accessible from all hotels in Luleå city centre. Just take the stairs up to the second floor from the main hall where you are greeted by our registration desk. At 19.00 the Evening Buffet (ticketed during registration) is served at Kulturens Hus, featuring cocktail music… Read more →


Swedish SAS pilots ready to fly again

Scandinavian Airlines and the pilots’ union struck a deal on Tuesday, bringing to an end the five-day strike that grounded 100,000 passengers. Normal airline traffic should resume as soon as possible. We estimate that confirmation of flights should be available at the SAS website tomorrow morning. Scandinavian Airlines With a sigh of relief we look forward to welcome most of our booked conference… Read more →


Severe traffic disturbances in Sweden due to pilot strike

Unfortunately, the Swedish SAS pilots are on strike. Although both parties are negotiating, it is impossible to say when and how this will be resolved. The conference will go ahead as planned but if the strike continues we will have to make changes to the programme. At this moment we can only advise that you monitor the situation and get in contact… Read more →

The Luleå Way

The Luleå Way

Award-winning hotels and arctic adventures. Wilderness or vast archipelago. Summer and winter. Medieval world heritage or sauna on the river. Driving a car or sailing a boat on the ocean. Wander in wild-woods or over untouched islands. Bleak roe and ptarmigan, reindeer or char. Spa and ice concerts. Survival courses, rock climbing and spending the bright night in a portaledge. Take… Read more →